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Comment: I am a single mother of two...

singlemotheroftwoneedshelp started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "US Federal Government Grants, Scholarships, Loans, Free Services"

I am a single mother of two children currently in a bad situation i am currently not working i do not have a car to get around in to get a job or get my children to places they need to go such as to dr's appoints in such. i have rent due and bills and i am about to have to start paying on school loans that i can not pay for. any ideas i really could use the help. thank you sincerly, misty
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I am a senior at this school and i was in an online school trying to get degree faster at the same time i was in campus school, campus school says I owe them 1400.00 for a pell grant because i had recieved pell at two different schools at same time, and now they have sent to a collection agency. I would finish this year if the hold at business offfice were off due to that pell grant. anyone out there can help me solve this please, any Ga finaid officer can help or any finaid counselors.



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 in response to Panann65...   

Hi P,

Let me ask you a few questions first, don't be offended, I'm only asking to see if there is some advice I could offer that would be helpful.

Questions: (1)  Was this your daughter's first time or only time offense?   (2) Does she have training or a specific skill in a certain area?

My husband used so be an Employment Counselor for the state that I live in.  My hubby had a client who had a felony & still got the person a job.  Sometimes, if you work with an Employment Counselor who is really good & has a charming personalilty they can work wonders. 

Answer to above questions will help to determine best path for your daughter to take.

I am so sorry for the loss of your husband.  My heart goes out to you.  Then you have to deal with the loss of your leg.  That is a major life change.  Now, you have to worry about your daughter not being treated fairly. 

You certainly have alot on your plate.  I will certainly be praying for you.

G-d bless you,




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I think it is a shame that you are willing to work and have children and all you here is the children are the future of this world.... I wish I could help you I am disabled lost my leg in a car accident and I have an 24 year old that has a 5 year old and she has put in for more than 50 jobs. She graduated a year early and recieved the lifetime scholar ship and while she was in USC in Aiken is when I was in a tramatic wreck while I was in the hospital her daddy died in his sleep nothing to do with the wreck. So she took my car to Midlands tech to take classes there and was stop the cop was so gun hoe he tore my car apart because I had a bottle of pain pills in the car so when I was car he charged her with control substance and found a pot roach in the very bottom of her pocket book it was nothing but the paper but someone gave it to her after her Dad died and I was in the hospital having my leg amputated and not sure if I was going to make it through it. My beef is I went to court just getting out of the hospital to tell the judge and he told me I don't want to hear anything you got to say. This has haunted my daughter having to be on foodstamps and medicaid that is all she receives she wants to work but every time they pull up her back ground they knock her right back down. After a while you feel like given up. I think the goverment could do something about this and all they do is pace the buck...Also my child was never offered PTI to clear it. If any one can give me advice please I wont be here long and I dont know

I wish you the best finding you a car if I had a extra one I would give it to you. I will be praying for us. God wants us to hellp each other and one day we will all be fine...Take care Ann South Carolina

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